The Nadler Soho Hotel 10 Carlisle St, Soho, London W1D 3BR
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Starring : Christian GAMBIN

His life : The Game ! His Passion : Winning ! His Pleasure : Cheating !

When the cards start burning his hands, every trick becomes a new challenge. Do you enjoy close up magic? You will love playing against him! Come and have fun in an interactive show. The cheater, an enriching experience, but he never loses.

Christian Gambin, a stunning magician. Christian Gambin, award winning magician, World FISM and French Magic Champion, plays for the first time in London West End. Expert in close-up magic and a stunning magician. The nearer you are, the less you can see! Come and see his sleight of hand and let’s the dream come true…


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The Gentelman Cheater Magic Show Child Policy

Over 7 only.

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Tue, 31 December 2019


 Christian GAMBIN 


Christian Gambin’s ‘The Gentlemen Cheater’

‘The Gentlemen Cheater’ is a one man show in every sense of the word; from greeting the public at the door to cueing his own music - proving to be the most difficult task of the evening. French magician and singer (something that will hopefully be brought into the act), Christian Gambin, frequents our capital to perform his close up magic to as few people as possible. This show comes from love; using the money from the big gigs and private events to conduct the most intimate experience – something he really wants to do.

With the initials of the show’s title being the exact mirror opposite to his own, that is exactly how the show is presented; with his audience sitting on the reverse side of the table whilst being on the complete other end of the spectrum in a mock card game against us. The idea of taking place around a poker table with more than a single group sitting per evening would work even better.

After a slick opening routine, it’s hard to keep track of all the following tricks that are thrown in; giving no time to be amazed before the next illusion is already underway. By the end, you find yourself forgetting the show’s narrative, and it feels like you’re just watching your mate showing you some slight of hand, as he’s gotten to know everyone in the room, comfortable enough to be thinking allowed.

With UK magicians worried they’ll have their toes stood on, Christian Gambin comes from Paris to London on the last Friday of every month to perform 'The Gentleman Cheater’ to a limited few at The Courthouse hotel, next to the Palladium at 7:30pm. The hotel itself doesn’t help promote the event, and with its extortionate hire coats, you should keep up to date with in case a more suitable venue is found for the following dates:

By : Nic Bennett

Ref Link : The Lost Review Tumblr
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The Nadler Soho Hotel

10 Carlisle St, Soho, London W1D 3BR


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